Cow and Sow Deli

Temporarily Closed - Continue following us on Facebook for further details

Our seating area is available for rent at


Our main focuses are:


1. A Deli with fresh sandwiches, homemade soups; one hearty and one vegetarian/gluten free and homemade salads. We are first in Wichita featuring the Metro Deli line of meats with no nitrates or preservatives.


2. A mini-market with the essentials in life including local fresh bread, farm fresh milk,  hydroponic lettuce and kale, local honey, local cheese, including our Metro Deli meats sliced to order.


3. Local business and farmers providing our fresh produce and specialty products.


4. Desserts and Treats - Homemade Ice Cream, Raw Cheesecake and Gluten Free/Vegan Muffins,  Panini's, g/f Breakfast Bars, Fruit Smoothies, Locally Roasted Hot Coffee, Locally owned Hot Tea's, Cold Toddies (Iced Coffee's)